Political game

Discover a real government simulation!

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Take part in the presidential elections and present your program to the other players, with a little luck and a lot of work you will become the next Head of State of the country, you will have in your hands the fate of your nation and your fellow citizens.


Difficult to manage a country on your own, select the best players from your country and integrate them into your government, there are currently 6 different ministries, ranging from the economy to the army to land use planning.


Create a political party and participate in the legislative elections, once in Congress you can vote on government laws and even remove the president if he does not suit you.


Divide state revenues into several budgets, use them to build towns and buildings, buy war material, subsidize hospitals, or help businesses in your country.

City building

Build hospitals, universities, industrial zones and technopoles, ..., cities offer bonuses to players and companies in the country.


Protect your borders from your enemies with a land army and a navy and equip your soldiers thanks to the national industry (weapons factory, tanks factory, ...)