New browser-based strategy game like eRepublik

War of Nations is a new browser-based strategy game

War of Nations is a browser strategy game similar to eRepublik.
Build an industrial and commercial empire, become a war hero or a great politician, whatever your decision, the future of your nation and the world also depends on you.

Some features of the game


  • increase your productivity at work by improving your skills.

  • build houses to rest and benefit from activity bonuses.


  • benefit from extraction bonuses according to the territory occupied by your country.

  • use your resources to produce objects.

  • Improve the quality of your objects thanks to technological research.

  • build factories, research centers, ...

  • transport your goods from one country to another and benefit from border transport bonuses.

  • produce or buy the energy necessary for the proper functioning of your factories.

  • create companies and seek investors (private and public).


  • buy licenses to trade internationally.


  • move your armies on land as on sea.

  • take control of enemy regions.

  • supply your troops with war material.


  • become president, minister or deputy.

  • manage the taxes that apply to your fellow citizens.

  • manage the different national budgets(finance, military, ...).

  • create public enterprises.