browser strategy game

An unprecedented adventure. Politics, war, trade and strategy

It's about grand strategy

Each country will have to show diplomacy and willpower to succeed in this concert of nations and when diplomacy is not enough, then comes the time of war, the time of blood and iron, the time of life and death, of victory and defeat. On land and sea, in the Pacific and on the frozen lands of Russia, deploy your fleets and tanks, show the other players your determination. But never forget to make allies, whether temporary or long-term, because the road to victory will not be easy.


Do you have political ideas? Do you think you can make history in your country? Then take part in the presidential elections and explain to the other players why you would be a good president. Then invite other players into your government, there are several ministerial positions with specific powers. Once your government is formed, you can define your economic, budgetary and international policies. But be careful, the congress will always have a right of review on the actions of the government and can sanction it if necessary.

Become a tycoon

Build farms, plantations, factories, power plants and laboratories. Develop an international network and transport your goods from one country to another, by land and sea, using commercial ports and rail networks.