War of Republics Multiplayer Browser Game

An adventure combining role-playing and strategy games!

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Become an industry tycoon

Discover a world with a rich and diverse economy, harvest the resources needed to run your factories and conduct research in your research laboratories.

Become a rich merchant

Deploy your cargoes of goods across the world, on land and at sea, and become extremely wealthy by trading with foreign countries, companies and individuals.


Become a commander or admiral in your army

Join the army or the navy and protect your country on land and at sea, use the tanks, ships, ... made available by the national industry to defeat your opponents.

Build a new world order

Take part in the elections and become president of the country, so you will have in your hands the fate of your whole nation and your fellow citizens. Go to war to conquer new territories or to protect your allies.


Behind every country hides a multitude of great men

Each country constitutes a community of players with different roles, some will be industrial or commercial, others will be soldiers or politician, you can even be several things at the same time.

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