War of Republics

Free Multiplayer Strategy Browser Game

War of Republics is a browser-based online strategy game mixing management (economy, production and trade) and strategy (military and geopolitics). industrialist, decorated soldier or leading politician, choose your country and go on an adventure!

Become an industry leader

  • Build an industrial empire, from fruit juice production to missile system design
  • Export your products to more than twenty different national markets
  • Improve your objects in your research centers
  • Invest in the stock market in the companies that seem most interesting to you

Become a battle hero

  • Go to war, on land and at sea, to defend your country and its interests
  • Launch armored vehicles straight out of the country's best factories onto the battlefield

Make history

  • Choose during the election which players can become president or member of the congress
  • As president define the economic and geopolitical trajectory of your country on the international scene
  • Become the one who will make your nation a great nation

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