War of Republics Multiplayer Browser Game

An adventure combining role-playing and strategy game !

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Are you more like Elon Musk or Joe Biden?

Whether your dream is to become a successful entrepreneur or a career in the military or politics of your country, become what you really want to be!

Become a real industry tycoon!

From fruit plantations to military research to the shipbuilding industry, build an economic empire.

Will you be the next Jeff Bezos?

Deploy your cargoes of goods across the world, on land and sea, and get rich by trading with other players.


Become a commander or admiral

Rise through the military ranks or work in the military-industrial complex to develop the tanks of the future.

Build a great nation

Become president of your country and choose your government. Lead your country to victory!

Build a new world order

Choose your allies and go to war against your enemies.